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Our Reason

The Loyal Workshop was founded to provide an opportunity for freedom. Modern day slavery is a phenomenon that we are not prepared to be apathetic about. We believe that another world is possible; one where sex slavery is relegated to the history books. It’s a brazen dream but we’re putting it into action in one city, in one red-light community, with one woman at a time.

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We believe that business can be a tool to bring freedom to those trapped in slavery. Our business IS about freedom. Every product we create is part of a woman’s freedom journey.

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Our commitments

Meet the Artisans —

Our People

Our artisans: are women from backgrounds of poverty, each with their own story of trauma and oppression: sold, stolen, trafficked and forced against their will into the sex trade. Without prospect of finding alternative employment, they were trapped. But still with dreams, talents and larger than life personalities.

Meet the Artisans

Location —

Our Place

We are smack-dab in the middle of bustling Kolkata, in an area called Bowbazar. Our workshop is perched on the edge of the second largest red-light area in Kolkata, where an estimated 1500-2000 women are still trapped in the sex trade.

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Our Team —

Our foreign staff

Founders, Paul and Sarah Beisly launched their little family into the madness of Kolkata and dreamt of a new business that could help bring new hope to women trapped in the sex-trade. That dream is now taking shape.

Some other Kiwis were inspired by the vision of freedom for women trapped in the sex trade. The list is getting long but includes: Harry, Mandy, Kay, Jake, Meg, Andy, Lou, Nathan, Rosey, Joel and Lizzie.

We also have a big support crew collaborating on this initiative with us. Special thanks to Russell, Andriano and Matt.

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