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How do our products wear and age?

In the lead-up to our 10th birthday party in two weeks, we’re feeling exceptionally nostalgic! ✨

Seven years ago (when hashtags were still a thing), we asked you to send us photos of your Loyal bag so we could see how beautifully it had weathered and aged. We’re of the opinion that each product we make only gains more character as it’s used, taking on the personality of its owner (a bit like how dogs and owners share an uncanny resemblance). We received some amazing pictures and heard your stories of what you loved most about the way your bag had aged. #whatsyourslikenow

Now, almost ten years in, we wanted to see whether our products still live up to the hype! A number of our Loyal friends sent us a photo of their bag along with a story about it's unique characteristics and what they love about it.

We've shared a few of these below for you to read.

First up is Harry's Goodstead Satchel! Harry is the original designer of the Goodstead Satchel and spent two years in Kolkata, alongside his wife Mandy, training our first two intakes of artisans in leather work. 

Harry writes, "This is one of the early prototype bags made a decade ago.The first bag we made out of Patrick's leather (our original leather supplier). Still going strong. It had a few gruelling years tracking the streets in Kolkata and has settled into a comparatively cushy life here in NZ."

The next photo goes to demonstrate that not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear Nelson Messenger Bags instead! 

Eb writes, "I purchased my beautiful Nelson bag in December 21. I am an oncology nurse and take it with me to work every day. It is a faithful companion and is aging like a dream. I volunteered in Kolkata on and off for 5 years, it still has a big piece of my heart. This bag reminds me of the city I love and the many (like your team) still there making an incredible difference every day. Thank you."

Laura's writes of her Vintage Brown Companion Satchel -