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Wear our wristbands as a reminder that you're part of the fight against modern-day slavery.

Our popular Advocate Pack Wristbands (sold in a pack of 50) are now available to purchase individually to show your commitment to the freedom fight!

Currently only available in New Zealand and Australia. 

  • Single wristband
    — Two-strand style: 160mm
    Medium — Two strand style: 183mm
  • Medium — Three-strand style: 183 mm
    Large — Three-strand style: 203mm
  • Simple and durable leather clasp.
  • Four different words are available: Freedom. Hope. Love. Peace
    Please measure carefully because we do not offer exchanges. The above measurements are taken from the rivet to the middle point of the opposite side of the wristband where the hole is cut for the rivet to be attached to. You can measure your wrist with a piece of string. If your wrist is bigger than the above measurement then we suggest going for a larger size.


  • LEATHER — 2.2mm full veg-tanned cow leather produced using a unique eco-tanning technique; tough, resilient and sturdy.
  • The Leather we have selected has been chosen for its strength and durability but also for its natural full-grain look. The veg-tanning process allows the full character of the leather to be exposed, honestly displaying the patina accumulated over a lifetime already lived. In its second lifetime as a Loyal wristband, it will darken slightly and develop more character.
  • HARDWARE — Naked, polished stainless steel rivets; sturdy & tarnish-resistant.
  • THREAD — Hand stitched .8mm Gauge woven polyester; super resilient, stretch proof and UV resistant.


  • Please allow 3-5 working days for shipping.
    Stack of handmade leather wristbands in a dark shade of brown with cross stitch detail and branded words including 'freedom,' 'hope,' 'peace' and 'love'
    Loyal Workshop product packaging envelope with logo and text about being an advocate for the brand and it's cause
    brown card packaging holding and displaying a brown leather wristband with stitch detailing and the word 'HOPE' etched into the leather
    two dark brown leather wristbands, one thick and one thin. Both with detail stitching and the word 'freedom' etched into the leather
    multiple stacks of dark brown leather wristbands with etched logo and type detailing as well as stitching details
    two dark brown leather wristbands in a front and back profile format. Both with logo, font and stitching details
    image of persons hand and wrist down by their side wearing a dark brown leather wristband with detail stitching and the word 'hope' etched into it.