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Getting there!

August 2014

Our lives have forever changed since our last update. From planning a business to launching one; from dreaming of freedom, to watching it become reality; from an intellectual commitment to fight slavery, to a real journey with real people on the long walk to freedom.

Our ladies see us working hard & one said to Sarah that soon she’ll be too busy & become grumpy. Ha! Sarah replied, ‘Although we work hard, we’re happy because this is a dream we’ve held for a long time.’

Seed planted in 1997. Sarah’s business degree completed 2001. And 13 years of watering & preparing the soil in pursuit of this dream. Now the first green shoots are emerging & we couldn’t be happier.

Our first five women are taking strides toward freedom & it really is a dream come true; for us & for them. Like most worthwhile things in life, every little step toward new beginnings is an intense fight.

Thanks for fighting with us!