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Business as a model for transformation

We work alongside them from Monday to Friday, week in & week out. And we’ve witnessed our business as an effective vehicle for transformation.  For these women to recover, find healing and inner freedom, they need to belong to a safe and loving community. That’s what we strive for our business to be. Actually, that’s our number one priority. That’s the grid through which we make decisions. What will be best for the women’s healing?

We can’t offer them intensive counselling. We’re not qualified. But we offer what we can. Unconditional love and acceptance. A place to laugh, find their voice and rediscover their dreams. A place to belong. Our business is essentially a relational after-care facility.

Through relationship & community, our women are slowly recovering from a life of horror.

Nothing comes close to the profound privilege of seeing this transformation take place. We visit these women in brothel rooms, sometimes for years before they’re ready to fight for their freedom and work with us. We then watch them during training as they begin to realise, ‘I can do this dignified work’,‘My life has value’, ‘I deserve to be respected’, ‘I am a loved sister here in this new family’…. Their whole appearance changes. Their posture straightens, their face lifts, their eyes begin to dance. They start to crack jokes, dive into our silly team building games, become motivated stakeholders in the business, voice their hope-filled dreams for their community’s transformation.

Bearing witness to this, makes all the blood, sweat and tears, completely worth it!