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Building broken lives brick by brick

I wish I could have shared my birthday cake with you this year. It tasted so much better than usual. I ate it on the roof of our new workshop building while singing freedom songs and giving thanks for a great achievement. What an awesome birthday present.

You ask, ‘What’s so special about this building?’

Nine years ago Kerry Hilton, the founder of Freeset (, began negotiating to buy this building to extend their work into another red light area. Seven years later The Loyal Workshop inherited the negotiations, and now after a further two years it’s a done deal.

This building is ours – not a rental. Ours. And as a Loyal supporter, YOURS too.

And it’s inside the red light area, which will raise the profile of the freedom fight right in the heart of the darkness. It’s also bigger than our current rental which means we can grow!

There’s a lot that’s special about this building but none of it has as much value as the lives that will be working in there.

The present state of the building is a bit broken down which kinda reflects the lives entering it. It will take time to get the place ready to receive us and will get repaired brick by brick. Just like our women’s lives going on their freedom journey. It takes time, sacrifice and hard work. Putting together the pieces of freedom brick by brick. A health brick here, then a relational brick there. A spiritual brick here, a financial brick there. Slowly new lives get built up.

The birthday cake tasted so good as I looked around at our sisters building their lives up piece by piece.

Thanks for your support.