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Annual Loyal Picnic Trip

Each year all the Loyal staff and their children head off for a few days of fun and relaxation together. We affectionately call it the "Christmas Picnic" even though it's often in November, February or March.

This year we boarded two mini-buses and headed off to Bakkhali, a beach destination about a 4-5 hour journey from Kolkata. With music blasting at ear splitting volume and vomit bags at the ready (for those with queasier dispositions) we set off for the beach.

The following few days involved food, sun, afternoon naps and people watching t.v loudly in their rooms. Imagine how good it was for our artisans to have a few days of zero responsibilities! They often carry so much of the daily strain and concerns for their family and friends.

Another highlight was heading out in the buses one afternoon to go sightseeing. We went to a fishing village where we literally got to hear some local fisherman "swearing like drunken sailors" and ended the evening with some tandoori tea on the beach. Bliss!

We hope these photos give you a wee glimpse into our time together.